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Silicon Hill
Mailinfo May 2009 | Informations for members of Silicon Hill Club

Dear Member of Silicon Hill Club!

We would like to inform you about the news of which you could catch sight. At the same time you can read about what you can look forward to in the nearest future.

It Is Coming

20th May SHOW - Silicon Hill Open Wednesday


Make your time in the afternoon of 20th May and have yourself invited to a SHOW (Silicon Hill Open Wednesday), with a subtitle: Festival of student bands.

For further information and enter for a football tournament or mud fight see the pages of show.siliconhill.cz


14th to 15th March 2009 InstallFest 2009


In March a traditional festival called InstallFest was renewed thanks to its few fans. The weekend of 14. - 15. March 2009 belonged to a club of independent operational systems and lectures in the school center. And more than 200 highly satisfied visitors took part in the accompanying programs. Read about it all

1st May 2009 Championship of the Czech republic at ball formations

Eventhough the ball season is over for this year, our dancers don´t stand idle. After having an unexpectable success on their first public show on student ball inside the hall of Masaryk House, they decided to represent the club on the Championship of the Czech republic at ball formations. - Jak se tančí na Strahově

New wi–fi on Strahov

By the way, do you know wi-fi is on Strahov? If you no longer hamper the network cable, have a look on the article written by the club net manager. - Bez drátů

Info From Blocks

We are all part of a student community on the hill, nevertheless each block lives its own life. Are you interested in detailed news from the Your one? Look there…

Blok 2

opened a club bulletin board that provides news mainly about active people from Block 2 furnished with another block hoover, now lent in room 37 and 526 we have a block grill, manager: room 25 and soon there will be new microwave ovens

Blok 3

new microwave ovens in June test of block news and information mails

Blok 4

a new bin only for plastics on 4th floor a new microwave oven on 2nd floor in PC study room: new watch, magnetic board + accessories new fitness equipement: speeder, personal balance, watch done traning of up circuit breaker block representative will withdraw on 7.6.2009

Blok 5

Nothing new on this block.

Blok 6

bought new table-tennis rackets done general agenda of all floor switches bought new watch to fitness and microwave ovens to the kitchen in contemplation there is a grill and hoover, to open a bicycle room

Blok 7

bought new equipement for table – tenis and darts repaired block hoover and renewed of a bicycle room a block grill party for its people in near future

Blok 8

lounge is equipped by a new table football and two leather armchairs a new table oven has arrived and will be placed in the kitchen in the celler

Blok 9

Finally a new big kitchen project artwork equipped kitchen by original wall paintings new curtains in the lounge for better noise isolation

Blok 10

new stickers on door of active people and hobby rooms reconstruction of electricity is still on and some windows were changed server room is cleaning and in future there is a reinstallation of server desitka.sh in contemplation there is mount of microwave ovens, electric ovens and bulletin boards

Blok 11

Nothing new on this block.

Hlávkova Dormitory

The interior of Hlávka dormitory is painting now.


Though a term is coming to its end, club projects don´t idle and they still have something to offer.

Fitness center hired new masseurs and new leaflets are preparing.

We bought nice brushes for art studio. So don´t hesitate and come to try our art studio – every Tuesday from 20h on mezzine mna of block 5.

"Bastlíři" will be pleased to welcome mainly students in a new fully equipped Room 545 in block 9. They need to realize part of their bachalor or diploma work.

Don´t forget to visit course of SUT project called CoreBOOT and Out by tunel.

If you miss anything in Silicon Hill Club or you want to joint to activities in Houses, feel free to contact HR manager HR manager (hr@siliconhill.cz).

At the end one more reminder: New election for CKZ position and for advisory committee of club has been set. For detailed information see the pages of election committee.

Wish you good luck for the upcoming tests!

Online vesion: http://pr.siliconhill/mailinfo/may2009

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